Our Philosophy

Our philosophy aims to help you to be able to express yourself on a canvas or a piece of paper. Now, you can do it struggling with techniques and frustration, or you can do it happily, while relaxing and being in touch with your whole being.
Only when you made that connection within yourself is when the sense of time, psychological interferences and fears dissipate. It is then when you are ready and able to live in a state of creativity. Thus, you live in Art; your whole being is changed, you are not the same “person” anymore.

In this way you live in a state of pure observation; you are sensitive, your mind and your heart are connected in a state of readiness to express -in a creative way- the best of yourself and the basic skills you have learned. Part of your brain delivers the knowledge and skills to that state of awareness or sensitivity...your hand starts to flow.

You are one with your work because there is no interference from the thinking process with its fears and worries. You are facing something that touches our intimate seed as human beings. You discover something extraordinary -however real- within yourself that it is not an abstraction or "metaphysical": a creative mind is a state of being and you can make that connection when you produce your artworks.

However, it is not possible to ensure success or to make promises to anybody, because it is all entirely up to you. There are many factors involved in the success of your art and -particularly- how much you are prepared to engage and practice, putting away the obstacles of your mind, for at least 2 or 3 hours a week...or a day!...

You will notice that our art lessons can assist you in developing that special creative state. There is beauty and harmony, where you feel protected and away from the high-speed living standard we have today. As in our philosophy, you will find that through drawing and painting there is warmth and freedom. Surround yourself by space, plants, natural light, essence of oil paints and incense. Soon, your work area or studio will be filled by colours and artworks that seem to come to life. Our art lessons on video were designed for learning and inspiration; where you also have fun and the chance to make new friends that share your interest in art.

When you follow the instructions on our videos and particularly when you are more confident on your skills, that creative state of mind will be with you for longer.

When you love something unconditionally, out of desire, is no longer your “property”, like a goal or just another achievement; it is part of yourself.  It becomes YOU.

This is the secret of a creative mind. You don’t think about it, you do not criticize it, you do not analyze it. You become one with what you are doing, without conflict. Thus, our philosophy is to help you to live in a state of art...and thus within that state of freedom, you are a true artist.

"Any fear is an illusion. You think that something is standing in your way, but nothing is really there. What is there, is an opportunity to do your best and gain some success".
-Michael Jordan -US Basketball champion-